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How New Construction Homes Can Benefit You

new home construction

You have probably seen new home construction popping up all over your city or town. Everywhere where old buildings once stood, several new homes are being constructed, and people are signing waiting lists to purchase the new construction. Here are a few of the numerous reasons new homes are popular.

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Why You Should Use the Design Build Model for Your Home

When building or remodeling a home, a homeowner has two main options. You can either hire one firm to design and build your home, or you can hire two different companies to fill both roles. Most construction projects follow the latter format, but it is becoming increasingly popular to work with one design-build firm. Here’s…

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The Ideal Outdoor Living Addition


If you are selling your home or just looking to make some changes, you have probably considered an outdoor living addition. While kitchens tend to take the lion’s share of remodeling projects for a home due to high returns on investment, there’s no denying the effect of curb appeal. Also, if you have a large…

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Join us at the Lansing Home and Garden Show

We’ll be featured at booth 1212 at the Lansing Home and Garden Show March 14th, 15th and 16th. Come join us if you’re interested in … Kitchen and Bath Remodels 3 Season Rooms Additions Whole House Remodels Finished Basements Decks New Construction Roofing and Siding K. Fedewa Builders will be at the Lansing Home and…

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5 Tips to Find the Best Kitchen Remodeler

modern kitchen

The kitchen is a focal point of any home. When remodeling, a large portion of many homeowner’s budgets goes toward the kitchen. Using the best kitchen remodelers in your home can ensure you additional value to your house and achieve the look and functionality you want. Research Researching experienced, licensed and capable kitchen remodelers is…

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3 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

If your kitchen feels like a blast from the past or is just no longer functioning for your family, consider how a remodel could change things for the better. Kitchen remodelers use their expert knowledge to makeover your kitchen and increase the value of your home. A successful remodel can change the environment of your…

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Don’t Neglect Your Staircase During an Interior Remodel

Staircases come in a variety of looks and styles. Often the home revolves around the central staircase separating the floors. The amount of wear and tear stairs receive over time can lead to dulling and damage. Interior remodeling is a big project that should include the help of a contractor or professional. For a big…

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Ideas To Add Edge to Your Home Bathroom


Bathrooms are perhaps the least place we think of as an “edgy” spot in your home. But you spend more time in your bathroom than anyone else, so you should definitely feel free to make your bathroom more pleasing to the eye and even break some conventions with some bathroom renovation.   When we think…

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